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JURASSIC WORLD Jurassic World left me completely speechless. In this "village of dinosaurs", you will see most of the dinosaurs back in action, as well as some new mutants. The jungle theme is good and intriguing. The humor is as good as in a comedy movie. And of course, the dinosaurs and the humor is filled with the dinosaurs. This is not a family friendly movie, it is a movie you have to be 18 and above. However, you can still enjoy it. The special effects are top notch. Jeremy Irons is perfect as Alan Grant, one of the baddest dinosaurs hunter in the world. He now lives with his family in a perfect U.S. town. But then, he gets a message: there is a new threat, a new super-dinosaur. And Alan knows that this time, it will be even bigger. How is he going to stop this monster? Watch the movie for yourself to find out. BEYOND: TWO WORLDS I had forgotten how beautiful the first Beyond movie was. And it was a big success. The movie was a bold step in the future. It was a future where man could land on the moon, discover a new planet, and an amazing civilization. What was all that about? And what were these "immortals"? What was that? I didn't know. I didn't care. I loved the movie. And when I came across the sequel, I was really excited. What could it be? It was a completely new perspective. A new place, a new planet. It was a perfect story for the whole family to enjoy. The spaceship, the exploration of the planet, and the adventure. I loved it. And it was even more beautiful than the original. An epic story, a sequel that deserves to be seen. Another great movie from Mr. Ridley Scott. JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (Jesus Christ Superstar) After watching this movie, I can understand why the church won't allow me to watch movies that contain religious stories. The songs are really really good, I love the music, and I love the characters. I really love that story. One of the most touching stories, ever. I love that we love each other. When I was in the childhood, I thought that Jesus was a perfect son of God. I thought that people who died, were dead. I thought that the Bible was filled with some truths, but of course





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HD Online Player (Spirited Away Full Movie English Dub) piepas
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